There are two things to do in this activity. First, choose the best verb of the three offered, and, second, make sure it is in the appropriate tense and with the appropriate ending.


  1. Hamlet (face/end/tackle)  a difficult task.
  2. He (manage/fail/try)  to take action until it is too late.
  3. In his time people (love/believe/reject)  that there was such a thing as ghosts, but perhaps the ghost was the devil in disguise.
  4. The ghost (tell/describe/depict)  Hamlet how he was murdered, and his language is (fill/devoid/give)  with anger.
  5. Hamlet is ready to (reject/deny/swear)  that he will take revenge on his uncle, and he (find/call/give)  him names.
  6. Despite the intense passion which Hamlet feels, he (make/do/take)  no immediate move to kill his uncle.
  7. Instead he (play/pretend/show)  he has gone mad.


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