Bob Dylan: "A poem is a naked person...some say that I am a poet." (Photo: Scanpix)Bob Dylan: "A poem is a naked person...some say that I am a poet." (Photo: Scanpix)

Presumably, you don’t need telling why it is important to read literature; the fact that you have chosen to take this particular English course means that you have already discovered that reading literature is interesting, exciting and fun.

This year, in addition to reading literature from the present day, you will become acquainted with some of the best writers of the English language over the last four centuries. These writers are people who have influenced the way you think. They have helped to shape the culture we share and they continue to influence it today through the literature they have left us.

This website offers further materials and useful links. The web can be an invaluable resource – and a hopeless timewaster. We have done our best to help you make it the former rather than the latter!

We firmly believe that Access to English: Literature is a treasure chest of wisdom, pleasure and fun. Putting it together and creating this website has been a rewarding experience and we hope reading the book and using the website will be too.

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