Planning the year with Access to English: Literature

The following is meant as an aid in planning the school year with Access. The plan is kept intentionally bare as we have made no attempt to indicate which texts should be studied in the chapters. This is left entirely up to the teacher who is the best judge of how much time should be spent on each text and which texts can be eliminated. 

Instead, we have tried to estimate approximately how much time can reasonably be spent on each of the chapters. We hope that by keeping the teaching plan as open as possible, teachers will be able to use it as a point of departure for their own individual, detailed teaching plans. This ensures that teachers will also have the opportunity to use “tried and true” extra texts that they are particularly fond of and which are not included in the textbook.

The school year consists of approximately 36 weeks which are divided into two terms of 18 weeks. These terms include autumn and winter break, Easter vacation, mock exams in the autumn and spring etc. In reality, therefore, we have far fewer weeks in which to cover material and evaluate progress. The following teaching plan takes this into account as the plan covers fewer than 36 weeks in total.
We have divided the teaching plan into 7 time periods – 4 time periods in the autumn term and 3 in the spring term, ending approximately around May 1st. Conveniently enough, there are also seven chapters in the book! In order to simplify matters we have followed the order of the chapters in the book. The order in which the chapters are taught, however, can be changed at will in order to comply more closely with individual preferences.
Autumn Term
Chapter One: The Short story
 1 ½  weeks
Chapter Two: The Renaissance and Shakespeare
 4 ½ weeks
Chapter Three: The Enlightenment
 4 weeks
Work with novel/Mock exams
 3 weeks
Chapter Four: The Romantic Age
 4 weeks
Spring Term
Chapter 5: The Victorian Age
 4 weeks
Chapter 6: Modernism
 2 weeks
 Chapter 6:Modernism (cont.)
 2 weeks
Chapter 7: Contemporary Literature
 4 weeks
Work with novel, mock exams, review
 3 weeks



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