Fill in the gaps in the sentences using a suitable phrasal verb from the list.


let up let on holding up get by picked on came round brought up put by get round keep on
  1. Billy the Kid was famous for banks and stage coaches.
  2. They threatened to fire him if he about the company's plans.
  3. The noise starts in the early morning and it doesn't until late at night.
  4. In schools it's always the children who are different who get .
  5. He's got a few savings for a rainy day.
  6. If you driving like that, you're going to lose your licence.
  7. Like most daughters she knew the way to her father.
  8. We don't earn a lot, but we .
  9. When they threw water in her face she soon .
  10. The journalist the question of pensions with the Prime Minister.
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