Prince Charles' paraphrase

To point out what he saw as declining standards in English usage, Prince Charles once wrote a paraphrase of the famous Hamlet soliloquy in modern English. He purposely made the language full of rather worn-out clichés. The paraphrase is given below, but the order of the sections has been scrambled. Put them in the same order as the original speech. (Note: the paraphrase only follows the original as far as the end of line 77. Full stops at the end of sections have been omitted.)


or, whether I should just say, 'OK, I get the message,' and do myself in

well, frankly, the problem as I see it at this moment in time is
whether I should just lie down under all this hassle and let them walk all over me
you might find you're still--know what I mean?
The only problem is: What happens if I find out that when I've bumped myself off, there's some kind of a, you know, all that mystical stuff about when you die
and quite honestly, I'm so stuffed up to here with the whole stupid mess that, I can tell you
I mean, let's face it, I'm in a no win situation  
I've just got a good mind to take the quick way out. That's the bottom line
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