Work with modern architecture

The Bridgeman Art Library

The Citigroup Center, New York


1. "I think of architecture not as individual buildings but as the whole fabric of our physical environment. Architecture is the man-made world in its totality. It is everything we have built around us - our cities, our suburbs, our sidewalks, highways, buildings, parks, signs, street-lighting, right down to the houses we live in, and the chairs we sit in - all our physical aids to living."
These are the words of Hugh Stubbins the architect who designed the Citigroup Center. Do you agree that “architecture is the man-made world in its totality”? Discuss in class.

2. Do you have a favourite building or architect? Prepare a short power-point presentation of a building, style or architect that you are fond of for your class.

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Work with modern architecture
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