Chapter 4: Romanticism

View of Court House Square, Salem

Early American colonial architecture is not grandiose or imposing. Indeed, it appears quite neat and tidy and has a dollhouse-like quality about it. Although there are no people in this painting, you can almost see and hear the horse-drawn carriages and people congregating in the square on a busy market day! 

The Bridgeman Art Library

Fireboard depicting  “View of Court House Square, Salem” 1810-20 by George Washington Felt (1776-1847)


The Echoing Green (p. 134) [01:07]
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The Garden of Love (p. 135) [00:45]
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The Daffodils (p. 136) [01:13]
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John Anderson My Jo (p. 137) [00:56]
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La Belle Dame Sans Merci (p. 139) [02:41]
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Song to the Men of England (p. 140) [02:08]
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Stanzas for Music (p. 142) [00:54]
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Thoughts on Freedom (p. 142) [00:46]
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