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natural liberties law system investigation reason church injustice

Summary of ideas: The Enlightenment

  • people should use to find the best ideas and ways of doing things – that is,  should use thought and knowledge, and should extend knowledge through scientific  – rather than simply use traditional ideas and ways of doing things
  • scepticism towards just accepting what was said by leaders, older people, the
  • a hatred of , censorship, stupidity, everything that stopped people doing what “reason” said they should do
  • a desire for political – such things as being able to take part in politics
  • a belief that everyone should be equal before the
  • a belief in a rational system of laws and rules that shaped the world
  • … and a belief in a good of laws and rules that could shape the human world
  • in literature, all these things were supported in a style that was also expected to  follow rules
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